Mike James for city council

Endorsed by the Lincoln Journal Star


Endorsed by the Lincoln Journal Star

About Mike

Why am I running?

I want Lincoln to be a place where my daughters want to live when they grow up.

What can I bring to the council?

 I will bring my passion and experience in driving improvements. My career has progressed by my ability to create common sense solutions for everyday problems, raising the bar. Those skills and abilities transfer over to city council work. How can we make the city function more effectively?

What is your campaign theme?

Raise the bar. The city has had tremendous success lately, so we need to raise the bar. Make incremental improvements to the quality, delivery, and cost of city services.

Raise the Bar



Improve the quality of city services. Quality issues are hidden taxes, as we incrementally improve quality, we reduce city expenses



I will work to improve delivery of city services. Partnering with city workers to cut the bureaucracy and the non-value added work. Let the city workers focus on purpose and making an impact.



The city has enough tax revenue to fund city services. We need to focus on improving quality and delivery of city services. As we do, we will improve our cost position, freeing up tax dollars to invest in Lincoln's future.


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Mike James for City Council

4810 S 76th St

Lincoln, NE 68516

(402) 413-8540


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